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Detail Information About Entourage Error 150 And Its Solution


What is Entourage Error 150  

Entourage performs the task of storing user’s important documents like as e-mails, contacts, tasks, appointments, notes etc in a database for easy accessibility. This e-mail client used Mac OS X allows you to carry out the Entourage operations easily and conveniently. But at times, while using entourage, you can face certain problems that can lead to inaccessibility of the data and loss situations. At the same time, you may also face messages such as entourage error 150 and such many more. To get more Information you can also visit Wikipedia.

Facts Behind Entourage Error 150 on Mac

It depends on the situations how entourage database corruption occurs because there are several reasons how a Mac user may found error like entourage error 150. Considering a situation where you are using Entourage to access mails and other documents. But you face errors messages claiming “An unknown error has occurred in Entourage”. Error Description “Could not retrieve mail” Account name “XYZ” Error 150. After this, you might get another error message similar to this like “The action could not be completed. An unknown entourage error 150 occurred.” 

The foremost reason behind error appearance is the corruption of Entourage Database which can be due to a number of reasons like connection error to your company's LDAP server, Entourage database update failure, While switching to another service and many similar one. To be more brief, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is an Internet Protocol that email and other programs use to look up information from a server. Generally, it's a central depository of all the email address in the company. Moreover, you may get another error message's similar to this such as Entourage Error 4362, Entourage Error 4363, Entourage Error 3259, Entourage Can not access your data, Entourage gmail send/receive error and many more.

Fix Entourage Error 150: Recommended and Effective Solution

If you are still facing entourage error 150 (Microsoft Forum)  issues on the Mac machine and looking for best and most efficient way to repair entourage error, then you will need to grab a third party software that make this job done in hassle free manner with few easy steps. The third party software are one of the most recommended and effective solution for Mac users to fix any type of errors and issues generated on the Mac OS X. It has come with several advance and unique features that you would not find in any other solution available in this segment. It is also one of the robust and reliable options to enhance MAC machine performance and fix any issues that can reduce its efficiency. However, expert found many softwares which is capable to fix the error using this tool. Apart from this, some of them are full version with all functionality or some are trail version. Its all depend on users choice which they want to use. Some of them are follows.

Software Name Size Rating Download Software

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software

12 MB

* * * * *

Disk Drill Pro

19.8 MB

* * * *

Mac Data Recovery Guru

1.63 MB

* * *

Entourage Error 150 Issue Using Full Version Software

1. About The Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software

Stellar Entourage Repair is a powerful software to repair corrupted entourage database files. It supports Entourage 2004 and upgraded version of 2008. Software rebuilds the database file without doing any change to the corrupted file. It recreates a repaired file at a location of user's choice. All emails, address book, calendar, notes, reminders and tasks are recovered in the repaired file. The software fixes all types of logical corruption in your entourage database and rebuilds the file without compromising data integrity. 

After scanning, the result is shown in a 3-Pane view that makes it easy to search and filter the result, in case you want to perform selective recovery. The recovered emails and other related data remain unaffected after completion of the process. Generally the software, Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair comes in trail or full version. From trail version user will scan all data but they don't access these data. But once they purchased the full version they can access these data completely.

Key Features:

  • Recovers deleted/ corrupted lost files and folders.
  • Advanced Filter option for files and folders.
  • Preview E-mail before actual recovery.
  • Advanced option of preview in Preferences.
  • Preview Address Book, Calendar, Notes and Tasks .
  • Recovers E-mails, Address Book, Calendar, Notes and Tasks.
Pros & Cons About Stellar Software

  • Quick repair of Entourage database.
  • Powerful scan & preview options.
  • Create Entourage Repair Log report.
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Demo Version have limitation.
  • Costly Application.

User Review:

"I am fully satisfied with Stellar Entourage Repair performance and true heartedly recommend software to everyone as I recovered my corrupted pst file, which is lost while up-gradation " -              Lisa, California

2. About the Disk Drill Pro Software

Data loss is a terrible scenario that we never want to experience. But some time due to possible reasons user may lost or corrupt there precious data. The best way to protect your data by using Disk Drill Pro software that allows you to recover or repair your data from any type of storage devices. No matter, what types of storage device you have lost, if you scan with this innovative Disk Drill Pro software can scan for deleted files. The software is embedded with all functionality to recovery all kinds of files from any data strorage. So download this software and fix all errors right now.

Key Features:
  • Designed natively for Mac OS X.
  • Deep Scan.
  • Recover all types of files of Mac OS.
  • Real time results, no need to wait until the scan is complete.
  • Protect HDD From Damage in future.
  • Any no of users can recovery data.
Pros & Cons About Disk Drill Pro Software

  • Advanced scanning modes for data recovery.
  • Convenient scan sessions.
  • Install Disk Drill in Portable Mode.
  • Costly around $99 and $119.
  • Disk Drill won't be of much service.
  • OS data recovery tends to be slow on larger capacity devices.
  • No option to bypass scan of iCloud Photo Library.

User Review:

"I want to thanks Disk Drill Pro entire team who saved my life and our business. Some how we lost our important data accidentally and all I recovered from Disk Drill." -  David Law


3. About the Mac Data Recovery Guru

Mac Data Recovery Guru is a data recovery application For MacOS. It has a Search for embedded files option that will make it do an exhaustive search for every file type it can recover starting from every byte on the drive, instead just searching for files starting at a block boundary. Mac Data Recovery Guru sports an extremely unique user interface that makes browsing and recovering deleted files on your Mac extremely easy. Data Recovery Guru scans deep inside your system to detect deleted files that no other software or tool can perform. Every user should have Data Recovery Guru on their Mac. It is a really great keeper that will help you to recover or repair corrupted database instantly on your Mac.

Key Features:
  • Scans for embedded files .
  • Quickly recover deleted files in Mac OS .
  • Easy-to-use Finder-like interface .
  • Thumbnail previews of files that are eligible for recovery.Scans for, and recovers deleted files.
  • Quickly recovers files from failing hard drives .
  • Identifies bad sectors and continues past them .
  • Finds lost files other data recovery applications might miss .
  • Free scan-only demo version demonstrates the power of the app .
  • Completely integrated with Mac OS to ensure safety of data.
Pros & Cons About Mac Data Recovery Guru

  • The software is the one that shows you what you are getting before you pay for it.
  • It managed to scan the whole disk without throwing error.
  • Won't able to retrieve all files unless you buy the full version.
  • The Full version is more expensive.
User Review:

"I work in the IT industry and this powerful piece of software is unlike anything I have ever seen." – George Douglass.

Resolve Entourage Error 150 Issue Using Trail Version Software

1. About the Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is a powerful application that provides its users an effective way to attempt recovery of permanently deleted, corrupted databases. The software recovers files removed from Recycle Bin, deleted using Shift + Delete keys bypassing Recycle Bin and files deleted from DOS prompt. Pandora Recovery lets its user browse, search, preview and recover files deleted from NTFS and FAT volumes, supporting hard drives, flash drives and memory cards. It successfully handles archived, hidden, encrypted and compressed files and recovers Alternate Data Streams. Pandora Recovery features classic interface wizards, hints and context-sensitive help. It allows user to browse and search the tree of deleted files where show deleted items only button comes handy. Finally, it has ability to scan drive clusters, picking up files whose MFT record has been reused by OS, damaged or recreated (it can restore files on formatted drives).

Key Features:
  • Pandora Recovery can proceed to a complete analysis of the hard drives when searching for lost data.
  • It is possible to use this tool to recover almost all kinds of data.
  • After scan process, it allows the user to preview results.
  • Facilitate its user for search file identification to browser them quickly.
  • It is also able to retrieve compressed files, encrypted data, archived and hidden items.
Pros & Cons About Pandora Recovery

  • Pandora Recovery is Free 100%.
  • Useful Functionality To Recover Data.
  • Easy To use Wizard.
  • Relatively small download.
  • Must be installed on computer - no portable version.
  • Prompted to install browser toolbar during program installation

User Review:

"I am looking for a free software that recovers by data effectively and I got this Pandora Recovery. Really helpful and simple wizard to recover data quickly" –Mark Grew

Eventually Select The Right One 

It can be concluded that Data Recovery Software are boon for individuals or an organization who may experience data loss at any time for many reasons. The data loss might possible due to accidental deletions, unexpected system shutdowns, virus attacks, hard drive failures, system crashes and other undefined reasons. To fix this problem, there are various steps that should be implemented to help prevent data loss because losing data can be very costly and very upsetting. There are various data recovery techniques that have proven to be successful or partially successful in recovering data. where as these recovery software is definitely useful in the hour of need and data recovery services prove themselves when the software is unable to get back data. You can also give a try to data recovery services when there is a severe damage caused to your device.

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software Is The Right Solution

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair is one the best recovery tool available for repairing corrupt or damaged Entourage database file. It repairs the Entourage database in three basic steps: Scan, Detect, and Recover. In addition, it uses advanced algorithm to recover corrupt data including messages, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, etc. in their original form without causing any further damage. The recovered items are put into a new database. Moreover, it provides a rich graphical user interface, which makes the entire process very easy to perform. Some of the unique features of the Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery software are described below.
  • Widely compatible across various versions of Mac .
  • Maintains a detailed log report of the recovery process.
  • Quick preview of the recoverable items .
  • Can choose desired location to save the recovered data.
  • Check the credibility of the software by truing a demo version of the software.
  • Recovers data from all causes of database corruption including virus attack and hardware failures.

However, there are other features offered by this software. Once you start using this software, it is very simple to use. You can follow the below mentioned steps to repair Entourage database.

User Guide To Repair Entourage Database

Step 1: Run Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software. You see the Select Entourage Database File dialog with the default location of the file selected. To choose the database file from a different location, Select Browse button and locate the corrupt Entourage database file.

Step 2: With the corrupt Entourage database file selected, click Start button and wait until the software finishes scanning it. Meanwhile, it shows a progress bar and flashes a message box displaying the complete details of the process.

Step 3: Close the dialog box, and then you see a preview of your mailbox. Select a folder in the folders hierarchy to reveal its contents to the right. Amongst those items, select one for its preview.

Step 4: To see preview other items in the mailbox, such as mail, Address Book, Notes, Calendar and Tasks, select the respective option in the software toolbar. To save the repaired Entourage database file, click File menu and choose Save Repaired File.

Step 5: In the dialog box opened, select a destination to save the repaired Entourage database file, and then click Choose button. This starts saving the repaired file.

Step 6: Once the repair process successfully finished, import repaired database file into Entourage client running on your Mac machine and see if it works. This Entourage recovery software got the ability to fix all such issues efficiently. For any help regarding software usage, contact Stellar support.